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Santiago Canyon College - A perfect stepping stone to TOP Universities

Created date: 22-09-2020 16:20

Santiago Canyon College (SCC) was established in 1985. Located in the heart of Orange Country, SCC is near the largest Vietnamese community in the United States. Not only that, this geographical location is also a convenient place for both learning and entertainment. It is only half an hour from Disneyland, Pacific coast, Downtown Los Angeles and Hollywood studios


 Santiago Canyon College (SCC)  is known for having a record of achievement in the top 13 best Community Colleges in the United States (College Choice, 2017), then top 3 of the best Community Colleges in the United States in 2019 (Best Colleges).

Currently, SCC offers a wide range of disciplines, the most prominent of which are Business Administration, Biotechnology, Chemistry, and Psychology. These disciplines attract many US and international students. SCC is currently a Community College with relatively easy admission requirements compared to other California schools. The minimum GPA requirement is 2.0; SAT/ACT scores are not compulsory.

Why study at Santiago Canyon College

  • Excellent Education

SCC focuses on investing in a team of enthusiastic, experienced and well-trained teachers. At the same time, SCC built many modern facilities including Science Center, Humanities Building, Gymnasium, Swimming Pool, Maintenance, Operations Facility, Parking lot.... for more than 14,000 students each year, of which about 300 students are international students. 

  • Small class sizes, enhancing interaction between students and faculty

Class sizes at SCC are relatively small (average of about 27 students per class) with the aim of increasing interaction between students and faculty and improving learning efficiency. Not only that, SCC's tuition is up to 80% lower than other Community Colleges in California with just over $ 8,000 / year. 

  • Guaranteed Admission To Many Universitie

The highlight of SCC is the opportunity to transfer to university and vocational guidance services at the school. The school offers a 2 + 2 savings program for students. Students will study for the first 2 years at SCC, the 3rd and 4th year students will transfer to a university in accordance with the university transfer agreements. SCC's training program meets the standards for transfer and admission to universities. SCC students will have the opportunity to transfer to 23 universities in California, such as Stanford University, California Institute Of Technology, University Of Southern California and 6 campuses of the University of California (UC)...

  • Easier Admission Requirements

Unlike the universities, SCC do not require our applicants to have SAT/ACT scores to apply. The minimum GPA requirement is 2.0, compared to a minimum of 3.0+ at the universities.

SCC Academic programs


Accounting (AS)

Geology (AS-T)

Anthropology (AA/AA-T)

Gemology (AS)

Art (AA)

Geography (AA-T)

Astronomy (AS)

Graphic Design (AS)

Biology (AS/AS-T)

History (AA-T)

Biotechnology (AS)

Kinesiology (AA-T)

Business Administration (AS/AS-T)

Land Surveying (AS)

Business Management (AS)

Liberal Arts: Arts, Humanities & Communication (AA)

Business Management

Liberal Arts: Multi-Cultural Studies (AA)

Entrepreneurship (AS)

Liberal Arts: Social & Behavioral Sciences (AA)

Chemistry (AS)

Liberal Arts: Mathematics & Sciences (AS)

Child and Adolescent

Mathematics (AS-T)

Development (AA-T)

Modern Languages (AA)

Code Enforcement and Compliance (AS)

Nutrition and Dietetics (AS-T)

Communication (AA)

Philosophy (AA-T)

Communication Studies (AA-T)

Physics (AS-T)

Computer Information Systems (AS)

Political Science (AA-T)

Computer Science (AS/AS-T)

Psychology (AA-T)

Construction Inspection (AS)

Real Estate (AS)

Construction Management (AS)

Social Justice Studies: Chicano (AA-T)

Early Childhood Education (AS-T)

Social Justice Studies: Ethnic (AA-T)

Earth Sciences (AS)

Social Justice Studies: Gender (AA-T)

Economics (AA/AA-T)

Social Justice Studies: General (AA-T)

Elementary Education (AA)

Sociology (AA/AA-T)

Elementary Teacher Education (AA-T)

Spanish (AA-T)

English (AA/AA-T)

Studio Arts (AA-T)

English Language Program

Wastewater/Environmental Sanitation (AS)

Environmental Management (AS)

Water Distribution (AS)

General Management (AS)

Water Treatment (AS)

General Marketing (AS)


In general, SCC will be the perfect choice if you are looking for a College program in Southern California with reasonable tuition fees and high learning and job opportunities right after completing your program.