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Oldfields School

Oldfields School

Oldfields School


Address: 1500 Glencoe Rd, Sparks Glencoe, MD 21.152, USA


School Details

Key Facts

  • In 1867, Anna Austen McCulloch founded Oldfields, giving it the distinction of Maryland’s oldest girl’s boarding school.
  • All girls boarding (80%) and day school (20%) for grades 8-12.  Average enrollment of 180 students. Diverse population with students from across the United States and an average of 10 foreign countries. International enrollment of 23%.
  • 130 rural acres nestled in the bucolic horse country of North Baltimore County, Maryland. Conveniently located near cultural centers of Washington D.C., New York City, Philadelphia, and Baltimore.

Entry Requirements

Application and fee, personal essay, school recommendation form, two teacher recommendations, official transcript, and standardized test results (SSAT, PSAT, ISEE, TOEFL or WISC/Woodcock Johnson).

Tuition & Fees

  • Boarding Student tuition 2016-2017:  $54,645*
  • Day Student tuition 2016-201:  $31,000**

*The annual boarding tuition covers instruction, room, board, health and wellness center privileges, physical training and athletic privileges, use of laboratory and computer equipment, admission to all school concerts, assemblies, plays and athletic contests, transportation to most weekend activities and extra-curricular activities, often including partial or full admission to special events.

**The annual day student tuition covers all of the above with the exclusion of room and board. Mid-day meal and special occasion dinners are included and day students often join the community for breakfast or dinner when it benefits their schedule.  Day students are encouraged to stay and take full advantage of evening and weekend academic and social activities! Day school transportation is provided for an extra fee.


Oldfields School, Maryland's oldest girls' boarding school, is situated on more than 180 acres in Baltimore County. Anna Austen McCulloch founded the school in 1867, when she and her family moved into an old farmhouse in Glencoe, Maryland. Built in the 1700s, the modest clapboard home still stands as the oldest building at Oldfields and is affectionately known as "Old House".


Approximately 89 courses, including honors courses, advanced placement preparation, special seminars, May Program and art electives. Opportunity for individualized or advanced coursework based on outstanding talents or interests. Students take 6 major subjects per year. Distinctive academic schedule includes 3 courses per day lasting 80 minutes each with 1 hour in between each to allow for enrichment such as clubs, sports, lunch and individual academic support.  Intensive immersion in each course into the subject matter is similar to a college experience.

  • Oldfields School
  • Oldfields School
  • Oldfields School
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