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Partner Schools

Central Pacific College

Central Pacific College is a private, ACCET accredited language institution that provides English as a Second Language (ESL) classes to adult language learners.

Drexel English Language Center is located on the campus of Drexel University in the vibrant, exciting city of Philadelphia.

INTERLINK Language Centers

Located on the campuses of top-ranked U.S. universities, INTERLINK offers its students full access to all facilities and many academic services, including assistance with conditional admission to these institutions. Additionally, students can meet American students and professors, audit or take classes for credit, and experience university campus life. Throughout the students’ stay, dedicated faculty and staff assist them with their personal, cultural, and academic challenges. Since 1980, thousands of students have attended INTERLINK to prepare for academic studies and professional development. We hope you, too, will take advantage of our academically rewarding, socially enjoyable, and culturally enriching learning environment.

LADO International Institute

At LADO International Institute, our students learn using a unique methodology developed by Dr. Robert Lado, founder of the school. The Total Approach for teaching and learning English appeals to different learning styles and takes into consideration the native language, culture, and education of each student. 

Language Studies International (LSI)

LSI has an extensive network of schools located around the world. You can learn English in one of our schools in England, Canada, the USA, New Zealand or Australia. We also have language centres in France and Switzerland. LSI also works with partner language schools in Spain, Italy, Mexico, Panama and Costa Rica.

Mentora College
10,000 US$ - 20,000 US$

Mentora College is an English language school, located at 1510 H Street, Washington, DC, 20005 offering English classes to students who desire to advance their Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening abilities. 

Study English with us in our St. Norbert College ESL Institute! In the past 20 years, we have taught English to over 2,000 students.

The Language Company

The Language Company is a globally-minded organization that provides English as a Second Language instruction and cultural opportunities to individuals who are seeking educational, professional, and personal enrichment.

University of Pennsylvania - English Language Program

The University of Pennsylvania (Penn) is an Ivy League university located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The English Language Programs (ELP) was established in the 1960s. For over half a century, we have offered courses in English as a Second Language as well as dynamic cultural experiences.