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Media Coverage

Media Coverage

Spring 2019 VNIS International Education Fairs - Open for Institutional Registration

VNIS Education widely promotes the Spring 2019 VNIS International Education Fairs to capture potential visitors and generate interest through a comprehensive, and innovative marketing campaign. We are proud to partner with several local media partners to bring attention of the fairs to local students and families. This includes but not limited to the following:

  • Advertisements in local mass media
  • Emails and social media postings targeting students and parents
  • VNIS website and other various online marketing campaigns
  • Press releases to local newspapers and education-related websites
  • Fair promotional materials (the Fairguide and other materials) to key government entities, business chambers, big enterprises, high schools, universities, and language centers
  • Promotions/Sweepstakes at Clever Academy, our English training business unit currently serving more than 4,500 students nationwide.

Advertise in our Fairguide!

Placing an advertisement in our Fairguide will allow you to promote your institution throughout the Spring 2019 VNIS International Education Fairs to all attendees, as well as at country-wide advising centers, public libraries, and local schools. Tens of thousands of the Fairguide will be distributed for free in Vietnam and available to be viewed online. The Fairguide will include articles and useful information to help students succeed on their journey to study overseas. Advertising options are available for participating institutions, and other institutions that cannot participate in the fairs. To place an advertisement, please include your request in the online registration, or by email to [email protected] with your artwork. Specifications are as below:

Size OptionsCost
Color Half Page (at the end of the Fair Book, before the back cover)$550
[Size/Length120mm x Width200mm] 
Color Half Page PLUS (at the back cover, for 1 institution only)$880
[Size/Length120mm x Width200mm] 
Color Full Page (next to your profile)$550
[Size/Length250mm x Width200mm] 
Color Full Page PLUS (after front page, for 1 institution only)$950
[Size/Length250mm x Width200mm] 

Artwork files must be emailed to [email protected] with the following instructions:

  • EPS, AI, PSD, PDF (High Quality Print).
  • Other compatible data formats must be discussed per VNIS’s request.
  • The cost includes Vietnamese translation for all ad options.
  • VNIS will confirm and send the final e-Fair Book to all ad placers for their information.

On-the-side Marketing Campaigns & Recruitment Events For Your School, Exclusive!

Attracting more attendees to your school booth at our fairs and making your institution well known before- and after the fairs are essential for recruitment purposes. VNIS Education with our extensive expertise in organizing info seminars; online, offline, social network and search engine marketing will surely bring your school closer than ever to your target groups in Vietnam. Please include your request in the online registration, or by emailing us at [email protected] or to your VNIS representative.

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