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Why VNIS Fairs?

Why VNIS Fairs?

Spring 2019 VNIS International Education Fairs - Open for Institutional Registration

Central Location

Hanoi & Ho Chi Minh City. Hanoi is the capital city and economic capital of northern Vietnam, while Ho Chi Minh City is the most vibrant, largest economy in Vietnam; and both cities have the highest demand for overseas studies. Anticipated attendees include high school, college students and/or their families, educational professionals and those who are interested in studying abroad. We will also bring attention to those living surround these cities so you can maximize your opportunities to meet with potential students from other cities as well.


Our fairs are always scheduled in the evenings, allowing more students and parents to come to the event. 

Size & Allocation of Schools

The number of participating institutions should be limited to below 25 to allow an effective marketing campaign, reduce competition and increase quality of attendees. Schools will also be allocated by country, which means each country will have a separate pavilion.

Targeted Audience

Our attendees will consist of not just new attenddes, but also current students, parents and clients of all business units of VNIS Group - including overseas study-targeted guests from VNIS Education, English learning-targeted guests from Clever Academy & Clever Junior, international investment & immigration services-targeted guests from VNIS Investment. You will have the chance to meet the best groups of customers, ever.


Each attendee will be provided with a complimentary fairguide that includes your school profile in it. School profile listing is included in your fair participation fee. You can consider to book promotional ads in the fairguide to maximize your presence during the fairs.

Quality of Attendees

We register our attendees through an online system and screen them to make sure they have genuine interest in the fairs. This is done to maximize your conversion rate of participants to sales, and to minimize the visitors who come just for fun or for the gifts! We NEVER bus students to our fairs to inflate number of attendees. Please email us to inquire about conversion rates.


Following up with sophisticated participants is an art of communication which must be taken care of by the hands of professionals. We thoroughly train the student ambassadors who will help you follow up the list of visitors coming to your table by email and phone calls.

High School Visits

Visits to local high schools are strongly recommended to expand your presence in Vietnam. Type of schools to be visited will be arranged based on number of participating schools in the fairs.

Real-Time Lead Generation & Management

VNIS uses a CRM system which allows participating schools to export data of those who visited their tables at the fairs. Exported data is in .xls or .csv format to ensure compatibility with your current CRM system.

Market Understanding

  • Financial Concern: There are fiscal concerns unique to financial issues. Many families in Vietnam find it difficult to have their financial capacity proven, especially in a visa interview. We have, thus, invited qualified local banks and insurance companies to participate in the fairs and give essential advice to students and parents, along with academic advice from school representatives.
  • Local Interest: Vietnamese intergenerational communities are interested in a diversified fair with participation of different school types and levels. We believe it is important to ensure the fairness among the schools and to make the attendees feel comfortable and easy to find what they are looking for. Besides “traditional” tools including a site map (Fair Map) and a profile of schools, we will mobilize a sufficient number of “tour guides” (or student ambassadors) who are trained to identify the types of interest from the visitors and direct them to the tables offering what they might need.

VNIS follows NAFSA’s Statement of Ethical Principles and NACAC’s Statement of Principles of Good Practice.

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