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Why Study in the UK

Why study in UK

With the long education, UK has three leading universities of England are Oxford, Cambridge and Imperial College London which are ranked 4th, 6th and 8th respectively in the list of the world's most prestigious schools. It also is a place to nurture the "brains" of the world's eminent as Mr Tim Berners-Lee (the creator of the Internet) and Stephen Hawking (who contributes to knowledge about black holes - black holes, space and time).

Highly Ranked Education

Courses in the UK has been recognized worldwide for the excellence, diversity, quality, with faculties, expertised staffs and modern facilities. These features will definitely bring you the wonderful experience in the UK, one of the best training centers in the world.

Famous universities in the United Kingdom are well-known worldwide for the innovative teaching methods and high academic standards. The world-renowned library, expertised faculty, and innovative research will help you maximize your ability, not only in school but also in the external environment.

Active Life

England is a great diversity of cultures, connected together by a traditional and consistent identity. Any type of music, sport, art or what is your favorite food, you can find in the UK.

If you prefer a fast lifestyle, you should choose to study in the bustling city of the United Kingdom, but if you love life with a peaceful nature, you should study in the towns or the suburbs.

The Expenses Are Lower Than Your Thoughts

UK education brings the value you deserve for your investment. Although the annual tuition fees in the UK can be a little bit higher than other countries, but the degree of the United Kingdom to be rated higher on world markets. Besides, the courses here are usually shorter than in other countries so the total study costs were lower. Moreover, because the learning time is shorter in the UK, students will work and earn money earlier than peers studying in other countries.

Besides, the benefits and preferential treatment that international students are entitled minimize the cost of their daily lives. As a member of the national student unions, students can save up to 50% for all expenses from books to the entertainment activities. All the students studying in the UK for a period of 6 months or more are also entitled for free health insurance through the National Health Service. Therefore, you do not need to calculate the cost of health insurance when planning your budget.

  • The average cost for a master's degree (1 year): € 20,645.
  • The average cost for a college degree (3 years): US $ 53,808.
  • The average cost for one year of college (pre-university): US $ 13,491.

Open The Door To Your Dreaming Career

The courses in the UK gives you the skills, qualifications and relationships you need for your job. Besides, the UK qualifications are respected by employers worldwide - this gives you a major competitive advantage when applying for a job.