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Client Testimonials - Study in the USA

Nguyen Ngoc Tram - Student of Liberty University - Bachelor of Psychology

The VNIS team helped me actualize my dream of studying in the US. Now I am studying at Liberty University and they still keep in touch with me

Nguyen Minh Viet - Student of Arkansas State University - Master of Communications

Special thanks to VNIS team for helping me make my dream of “studying in America” come true. They guided me through all the difficult processes and gave me a lot of helpful advice

Phan Tuan Anh - Student of Cascadia College - Bachelor of Information Technology

Sincere thanks to VNIS team for introducing me to the High school completion program at Cascadia College and supporting me in every step of the way

Le Thuy Lien Nhi - Student of DeVry University - Bachelor of Finance

I was very impressed by their enthusiasm. They took care of me in every step from document preparation, scholarship interviewing, visa process. It made me feel much more comfortable starting my journey in the US

Nguyen Khanh Linh - Student of Southern New Hampshire University - MBA

I have always been in love with the multicultural environment of the US. Thanks to VNIS team, I was introduced to the MBA program at Southern New Hampshire University and the Program is perfect for me

Nguyen Quang Huy - Student of Arkansas State University - ESL Program

Thanks for the support of VNIS team for helping me successfully get the US visa after only one interview. Now I am studying ESL program at Arkansas State University and I will pursue Computer Science starting next semester