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Chu Kim Đức - Giải Nhất cuộc thi Viết luận cùng VNIS Xuân 2017

Ngày đăng: 01-03-2017 11:04

Nhân sự kiện chuỗi Triển lãm Giáo dục Quốc tế VNIS Xuân 2017, nhằm tạo điều kiện cho các bạn trẻ độ tuổi từ 13 đến 20 có cơ hội thể hiện bản thân, khơi dậy kỹ năng sáng tạo thông qua các bài viết. Từ ngày 16/2 đến ngày 26/2/2017 VNIS Education tổ chức cuộc thi viết luận với chủ đề “My Generation, My Future”. Chúng tôi muốn qua chương trình này gửi tới các bạn trẻ thông điệp về sự phát triển tương lai thông qua con đường học tập.

Chu Kim Đức - Giải Nhất cuộc thi Viết luận cùng VNIS Xuân 2017

Sau đây là Bài dự thi đã đoạt giải Nhất của cuộc thi đến từ bạn Chu Kim Đức (sinh năm 1998 đến từ Hà Nội).


“One day I want to be like you, a doctor who takes care of all children who have cancer”, one child said to me.

She looked pale, but her cheek blushed. Her head is covered with a red paisley wool cap, hiding the harsh reality: her hair is falling day by day due to chemotherapy. She had an acute myeloid leukemia, a cancer of blood cells, but her eyes showed different things – they shone like stars, exquisite and sparkling. I could see her dreams, passions and ambitions at a flash of her smile. It was bright and beautiful, filled with the braveness that kept her fighting, despite the pains she had to bear every single day. 

“Yes you will”, I would whisper with all the conviction in the world. “I believe you will.”

The alarm rang. I woke up. It was just a dream, a beautiful one yet, one I have always held even in daylight. It reflects who I want to be in the next five years: a pediatrician, graduated from a medical school, helping children with cancers.

Cancer is an invisible prison. It locks patients in the dark dungeons, kills their hopes, dreams and motives to live. They have to suffer not only the physical pain, but also the emotional agony: pessimistic thoughts that their futures are dark, that their lives are ending, that their passions, their desires, their future plans to be meaningful are gone.

I remember clearly the day I first met Nguyen during my internship at the National Institute of Ophthalmology. Nguyen had intraocular melanoma, a cancer that developed within the eyeball. She told me that she had a beautiful childhood. She spoke of the joy grass skiing with her friends in Ba Vi, the happiness blowing out candles on her 9th birthday and the warmness watching sunset with her parents and sister next to West Lake. Nevertheless, at the moment, she was lying in a hospital, worrying the future. She was afraid that she would lose her sight and not be able to see the beautiful world anymore. I looked at her painting. She drew of herself, celebrating 10th birthday with her family and friends. It broke my heart to see that. She deserved what a normal child had, happiness and dreams.

Reality differs from dreams. Getting into medical school is hard. Becoming a doctor is harder. Being able to cure and help children with cancer is strenuous. Therefore, I have to work hard in academic. In addition, reading books and listening to TED talks on cancer is indispensable. People become doctors because it earns them reputation and money. But those are not the reasons for me to thrive.  I want to wrest beautiful memories, lives and dreams of children with cancer from the diabolic disease. I want to show them that cancer is just a journey through a tunnel, and there is a bright future awaiting them at the end of the road.

“Rainbows come after rains.”


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