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Vũ Hồng Nhật Linh - Giải Nhì cuộc thi Viết luận cùng VNIS - Thu 2016

Ngày đăng: 12-09-2016 10:29

Nhân sự kiện chuỗi Triển lãm Giáo dục Quốc tế VNIS - Mùa Thu 2016, nhằm tạo điều kiện cho các bạn trẻ độ tuổi từ 13 đến 22 có cơ hội thể hiện bản thân, khơi dậy kỹ năng sáng tạo thông qua các bài viết. Từ ngày 25/8 đến ngày 5/9/2016 VNIS Education tổ chức cuộc thi viết luận với chủ đề “Cùng VNIS Xây Dựng Tương Lai – I Build My Future”. Chúng tôi muốn qua chương trình này gửi tới các bạn trẻ thông điệp về sự phát triển tương lai thông qua con đường học tập.

Vũ Hồng Nhật Linh - Giải nhì cuộc thi Viết luận cùng VNIS

Sau đây là Bài dự thi đã đoạt giải Nhì của cuộc thi đến từ bạn Vũ Hồng Nhật Linh (sinh năm 1999 đến từ Hà Nội).

1. What changes do you want to make for your country and for the world? 

A few gentle ripples on the surface of Hoan Kiem Lake. As usual, I loved immersing myself into the scent and soul of a brand new day, especially with my camera to capture all beautiful moments. 

A middle-aged man sitting on a bench, calmly reading the newspaper got into my frame. His eyes contracted a little, flipping through the pages of today news. My fingers slowly adjusted the light exposure and I was ready to take a picture. Suddenly, a filthy boy stepped in the frame, his hands carrying a basket of chewing gums. Without react, I saw the man slap in his face and shout him away. In just five seconds, the frame went through my mind like a slow motion film. I dropped the camera in my hand out of astonishment. 

I paused for a moment. The way the man treated a much poorer and helpless kid was the pain that I could not forget. Was there any force in this society powerful enough to sympathize with the boy? I was dumbfounded because of what was going on, because of the shades that still existed on a seemingly flawless picture, through the camera lens. 

I decided to use my camera to explore that other side of the world. Hanoi, the city with a thousand year of history, had gradually transformed itself at the dawn of the 21st century. Nevertheless, the traces of war, the memory of a time not remained presence on this prosperous land. I stumbled on a tricycle driver trying to invite foreign tourists to earn a few coins. I caught the face of a painstaking labor bending her back to sweep yellow leaves on the pavement. But I also came across some people just accidentally passing by, remaining unaware of the existence of those who silently devoted to the society. Each photograph was a different life story. Ultimately, I realized that each people had the right to choose their own destiny. We could not criticize or blame anyone because of their appearance or social position. 

After a year of exploring Hanoi’s Old Quarter, I found the tune between souls through the camera lens. As the streets retain their old charm and exotic characters, people continue their rhythm of daily lives. That boy I met last year has inspired me a lot to capture all these photographs, to sympathize with the unfortunate, and more importantly, to self-realize the luckiness of myself. The burden that adults in particular and society in general imposes on a child like him, is much heavy indeed. However, little do people understand thoroughly the difficulty that those poor and homeless has suffered from. I want to erase the gap between the wealthy and the poor. I want to help improve the life condition in the society, so that nobody has to live in oblivion anymore. With a camera in my hands, I believe I can make a change, and turn this world into a perfect picture, no longer existing any dark sides. 

2. What makes you a potential winner of this contest? 

As a 16-year-old girl, I am bold, reckless and eager to seek opportunities to shape the world; and I know, no other contest would provide me with a golden opportunity to express my strong perspective than VNIS “Writing Competition - I build my future”. Without doubt, I strongly believe I am one of the potential winners of this contest. 

Specializing in Literature, I have always nurtured a special interest for writing. I am interested in expanding knowledges and becoming a journalist about ongoing issues, especially social problems with regard to marginalized groups such as handicapped or homeless children. In Vietnam, while economic growth has raised the living standard of the majority, there remains a group of poor children who are vulnerable to abuse and lack access to opportunities that help change their lives. However, all children, without exception, are the hopes of the future and they deserve their rights to effective protection. Thus, I hope that engagement in activities like this competition will enrich my mind, build up my background knowledge in children issues which would be wonderful materials for my writing.

Writing is not just my goal, but it is also the key to motivate myself on the way to become a global citizen. I want to write on behalf of the children, those who have been struggling to fight for their rights and equality. I want children movement to be heard. That is for no other children in this world who have to live such a struggling life and withstand the prejudices against them. Maybe nothing can account for the fact that we all live in a competitive world. But I believe children have the abilities that can change the world and build the future. And I will never resist seeking for new opportunities to prove this.

To sum up, I firmly believe that, with that message, my essay will raise people’s awareness of their privileges and urge them to pay more attention to poor children in the society.