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North Peace Secondary School

North Peace Secondary School

North Peace Secondary School

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Address: 10112-105th Avenue, Fort St John, British Columbia, Canada

Website: www.studyinthepeace.com

Thông tin chi tiết


  • Our program strongly supports cultural diversity that benefits both international and Canadian students.

  • Students will be exposed to positive and unique Canadian experiences.

  • Our district delivers a variety of programs in modern school facilities that are individualized and learner centred. 

  • An excellent environment to learn English.

  • We operate our own homestay program. 


Last 3 years of transcripts


  • Tuition & Fees: 12,900
  • Living Expenses: 8000
  • Custodianship: 500
  • Home-stay placement fee: 300
  • Activity fee: 400
  • Total Cost: $22,100


  • Total: 1200
  • International: 60
  • Vietnamese: 2



Availability: Yes

Range: $1000

Thông tin cơ bản

International students benefit from flexible and fully developed programs taught by British Columbia government certified teachers in modern, well-equipped schools.  Our small communities and institutions have an excellent staff/student ratio and provide a supportive study environment. Our District will become a “home away from home” for students, who may choose to stay with carefully screened and monitored homestay families.  Modern school facilities, a variety of course offerings, high academic standards, enjoyable cultural destinations, and the safety of our communities provide an ideal venue for international study.

Ngành nghề đào tạo

British Columbia Secondary School Diploma

Subjects: English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Math, Calculus, Geology, Geography, History, Law, Social Justice, Art, Musical Theater, Acting, Band, Guitar, Commercial Music Recording, Accounting,  Computer Animation, Carpentry, Automotive, Machining, Drafting and Design, Food and Nutrition, Textiles,  Yearbook, Outdoor Recreation, Physical Education, Hockey, Spanish, German, French, Child Services, Family Management, 

Founded: 1989

Location: Fort St John, British Columbia

  • North Peace Secondary School
  • North Peace Secondary School
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