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A Message from the VNIS Scholars Program about the upcoming Early Decision Deadline

Ngày đăng: 01-11-2017 09:27

If you’re applying in the early round, all of us here at the VNIS Scholars Program are sending you a big high five! You’re almost there!

The early deadline represents an important milestone in your college admissions journey. All of your hard work now gets a chance to shine in the admissions office of your dream school.

Over the years, we’ve learned a few tricks on how to best handle the early deadline. and would like to share them with you!

First: We highly recommend you do a “dry run” tonight. This means going into the Common App interface (or the school’s interface if you’re applying to a non-Common App school) and going through the exact motions of what you’ll do on November 1st when you submit in earnest: filling out each field, pasting in each essay, checking all the formatting carefully---essentially doing everything except pressing “Submit” at the end.

You should feel good about your application at the end of this dry run. This exercise will let you go to bed feeling easy (or wake up early tomorrow knowing exactly what you need to fix!)

Second: We’d like to share an important message about expectations: Over the years, we've noticed that students tend to get more and more confident about their applications as they work into the final surge before the deadline. That’s to be expected--- you, your VNIS Scholars Program's Consultant, and your Program Manager have worked tirelessly to get your applications into the best shape possible.

However, it is important to remember that even the best early applicants have admissions chances well below 50%. That means over half of you receiving this message will not gain admission to your school of choice. We say this not to stress you out further, but to ward off a common source of complacency that we’ve experienced ourselves.

So we ask this of you: please keep up your pace of work for the regular deadline and don’t bank on your early application. If you do end up getting accepted, what are a few dozen hours in the month of November relative to realizing your dreams? And if you don’t end up getting accepted, you’ll have an entire month of apps work under your belt for the next ascent. You will brush off that deferral or rejection much easier when you know you’re already halfway to the next summit.

Ok, enough talk---take a deep breath. Be sure to get that dry run going tonight, and we’ll see you on the other side!

To your continued success,
VNIS Scholars Program's Client Success team

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