Dinh Vu Chau Anh – University of Adelaide

Visa Du học Úc – Đinh Vũ Châu Anh (University of Adelaide)

VNIS Education would like to congratulate Chau Anh on getting a Australian student visa. She will study the Bachelor of Arts in Applied Data Science at the University of Adelaide. 

dinh vu chau anh uadelaide visa

Visa Grant Letter – Chau Anh

dinh vu chau anh uadelaide offer

Scholarship Offer Letter – Chau Anh

We firmly believe that, with good academic reputation in Adelaide, the University itself will give Chau Anh valuable experiences for you to firmly step and succeed in her chosen career path in the Commonwealth of Australia.

For more information, please contact our hotline at 097 565 6406.

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