Nguy Thanh Giang – South Hills Academy

VNIS Education would like to congratulate Ms. Nguy Thanh Giang for getting the Student Visa to complete her high school years at the boarding school named South Hills Academy, in the state of California of the United States.

South Hills Academy is a private school that is known for its nurturing environment and ability to gain high levels of academic achievement.

South Hills Academy is host to groups and individuals from other countries who seek to develop their English language skills and learn more about American Culture. Students are integrated into grade/age appropriate classes including individualized schedules.

Why choose South Hills Academy?

  • Good location and safe community
  • 10 AP Courses
  • STEM Program, promotes career readiness through a robust program
  • Strong ESL support for International students
  • Provides university preparatory courses, such as TOEFL and SAT
  • Individual learning plan guided by experienced academic counselor
  • Free after school activities
  • Provides full-care for all students
  • Total Students: 300

Once again, Congratulations to Thanh Giang and her family!

For more information, please contact our hotline at 097 565 6406.

VNIS Education