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Webinar: Tacoma Community College - Top 50 Community Colleges in the U.S

Thời gian: 
2021-04-18 10:00 to 11:30

VNIS Education is pleased to hold the online seminar: "Meeting with the representative of Tacoma Community College". Join the webinar to meet with Ms. Katie Van Wyk - Assistant Director, Global Outreach, Marketing and Admissions at Tacoma Community College.

Community College is increasingly becoming the preferred choice of international students because of a variety of options, transfer opportunities and optimal tuition fees compared to university programs.

Tacoma Community College (TCC) is a community college located in Tacoma, Washington, with a satellite campus located at Gig Harbor and an affiliated program with The Evergreen State College - Tacoma. Tacoma College's philosophy is "to provide a modern, healthy learning environment, suitable for all types of students. TCC offers 15 professional training disciplines, including Healthcare, Information Technology , Economics & Business Administration.

Tacoma Community College is also one of the most attractive schools for international students:

  • 56 years of experience in teaching and training in many fields (vocational training, dual degree program, training 2 + 2)
  • Top 50 Best Community Colleges in the US
  • Top 1 Best Community College in Washington (2010)
  • Located in Tacoma City -  the home of many large companies such as Amazon, Starbucks, Expedia, Google, Microsoft.
  • Pleasant climate, ideal for Asian students.

Webinar Info:

 Join the webinar to learn more about Tacoma Community College:

  • A detailed introduction of Tacoma Community College, facilities, admission requirements and the highlights,...
  • Information about programs
  • Transfer opportunities to TOP universities