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VNIS Recruiting Affiliate Program

VNIS Recruiting Affiliate Program

Chương trình Đối tác Tuyển sinh (RAP)

Since 2012, we have helped many students in Vietnam and abroad to achieve their educational goals in the United States and other countries. We have been maintaining a network of partners in the United States and other countries, helping recruiting agents place their students to our partners.

We welcome recruiting agents from all around the world to join our Recruiting Affiliate Program (RAP).

Affiliate Benefits

  • No Registration Fee
  • Commission: Commission rate is different between partners. When you become our affiliate, you will be provided with a list of our partners with detailed commission rate. Commission will be paid when all duties of the student with the school is fulfilled, and VNIS Education is paid.
  • Bonus: When a sales target is reached, VNIS Education may award you and your staff further bonus and incentives, which will encourage you to work harder and more effectively.
  • Customized Solutions: VNIS Education will support you with customized promotional materials, designed exclusively for you. These materials include posters, banners, leaflets, newsletters and PR articles for your own use.
  • Quick Support: We deliver the best support for you with immediate response.


We welcome individuals and business recruiting agents from all around the world to join the RAP.

How to Join 

Please contact us with your interest, or email to the following officer in charge. An application package will be sent to your email with detailed instructions.

Ms. Nhung Nguyen

Partner Relations Manager, VNIS Education

Email: [email protected]