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American University

American University


Address: Washington, D.C.

Website: accelerator.american.edu

School Details

Why choose American University?

Excellence in education and training brings outstanding outcomes:

  • #78 in National Universities (U.S. News & World Report, 2019)
  • #1 by the most dynamic students involving in political events (The Princeton Review, 2018)
  • International Relations program is ranked #8 in the world (Foreign Policy, 2018)
  • Bachelor of Journalism is ranked #9 in the US (College Magazine, 2016)
  • Creative Centre is ranked #20 in the Best Start-up Centres in the world by AACSB
  • School of Communications is ranked in top 25 of best communication schools in the US.
  • MBA program is ranked #43 in the US (Bloomberg Businessweek, 2016)
  • 94% of lecturers have been granted the highest degree in their expertise.
  • 92% of graduates earn the first job or continue to a postgraduate course.
  • 90% of undergraduates involve in internship courses, typically in prestigious corporates like Deloitte, HSBC Bank, Earnst & Young, BBC News, Ogilvy & Mathers and HBO.

Small class size:

With a reasonable ratio of student/faculty of 12/1 and an average class size of 23, students are closely taken care by the university’s professors and lecturers. This is also the advantage for the adaptation of international students to a new cultural and learning environment.

The home of famous leaders and politicians:

American University has trained and produced ranges of influential politicians, diplomats for the US and the world, for instance Jordan Belfort – the wolf of Wall Street; Gary Cohn – former chairman of Goldman Sachs and financial advisor of the White House; the Jordan princess Iman bint Abdullah; Liliana Ayalde – US Ambassador in Brazil; Marilyn Ware – US Ambassador in Finland; Marco Gobbetti – CEO of Burberry; Muriel Bowser – Washington Mayor.

Information about Washington, D.C.

  • Washington, D.C. is not only the iconic city of the US, but also of the world. This is the main headquarter of US government agencies, the location of hundreds of embassies and diplomatic offices of many countries in the world.
  • DC is also the centre of economics, technology and creativity, diplomatics, brings great experiences and opportunities of working, taking internship courses and explorations to students.
  • DC is the headquarter of many reputative corporates such as Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, Marriott International, Nestle, Capital One Financial Corp., German Grocer.
  • Located in the core of Atlantic coast, visitors typically find it easy to drive from Washington, D.C. to other big cities like New York City (1 hour by flight or 4 hours by car), Boston (1 hour by flight or 4 hours by car or train), Philadelphia (30 minutes by flight or 2.5 hours by car or train), Chicago (1.5 hours by flight), Los Angeles (6 hours by flight)
  • The climate comprises 4 distinctive seasons: springs represented by vivid cherry blossom, summer with warm temperature, fall with cool winds and winter with cold weather.

Costs and Scholarships:

  • Costs: $52,881/year (estimated based on AAP program)
  • Living costs: from $13,425/year
  • Scholarships: $15,000 for the 1st year


American University is a private university which has a proud 125 years of history, located in the capital city of The United States of America – Washington D.C. The university provides 150 different programs, many of those are ranked in top 10 in national ranking such as politics, international economics, diplomatics, laws,… Situated nearby the White House (5-minute distance by driving), American University is pleased to welcome many politicians’ visits like Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Dalai Lama, Justin Trudeau (President of Canada),…


  • Accounting (#5)
  • Public Management & Administration (#5)
  • Communication and Media Studies (#5)
  • International Law (#8)
  • International Relations (#9)
  • Tax (#9)
  • Intellectual Property Law (#11)
  • International Business (#21)
  •  Public Affairs (#19)
  • Game Design (#22)
  • Political Science (#56)
  • Business (#91)
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