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Columbia Academy

Columbia Academy

Columbia Academy


Address: 400-570 Dunsmuir St, Vancouver BC Canada V6B 1Y1

Website: https://columbiaacademy.ca/

School Details


  • 90% of our graduates have been accepted by the world’s top 50 universities
  • Personalize university planning to help student reach their dream universities
  • Free after-school tutoring at no extra cost to provide students with individual supports
  • Hundreds of hours of volunteer opportunities at local charities
  • At least 50 scholarships were given to students each year
  • Three intakes a year: every January, May, September. Students can finish the 3-years high school program within 2 years.
  • Located in the most convenient location in downtown Vancouver, 1-minute walk to the nearest Skytrain station
  • Varieties of school events and clubs available throughout the year


  • Total: 150
  • International: 70%
  • Local Immigrant: 30%


  • Submit an official transcript spanning the last 2 years and a filled student application form
  • Students with IELTS 5.5 are not required to take the ESL course.
  • Students with no IELTS are required to take an English Placement Test upon arrival.


All fees are in Canadian dollars and include applicable taxes. Contact VNIS Education for more information.

  • Tuition Fee: $8,800/ term (3 terms/year)
  • Activities and Supplied Fee: $300/ term
  • Facilities and Supplied Fee: $300/ term
  • Application Fee: $200 (one time)
  • Book Fee: $300 (one time)
  • Other Fees (if applicable)
  • Homestay Application Fee: $300 (one time)
  • Homestay Fee: $1,000/ month
  • Housing Fee - CA House: $1,000/ month
  • Housing Deposit Fee – CA House: $500 (one time – refundable if no damage)
  • School intakes: January, May, September




The Mission of Columbia Academy is to provide a loving and caring learning environment for our students. This allows students to be educated and well prepared for life, with personal and academic goals set and reached during their time at Columbia Academy.

The School has its own Happiness Course, a BC certified course that is derived from a course offered by Harvard University. Columbia Academy also encourages students to set up many clubs in order to help them thrive. Furthermore, all students at Columbia Academy volunteer in this community. These acts of benevolence encourage students to better understand the world they live in by participating in their own community in a positive manner, and by giving back to the community at large.

Our students will not only learn academic skills, but will also develop key virtues such as happiness, compassion, integrity, resilience and responsibility during the time spent at Columbia Academy. Students will be inspired to become fine and happy people and bring these values to their society. Our mission is to have each, and every student see the world full of opportunities and live a successful and happy life after being a part of Columbia Academy. All students at Columbia Academy are always safe, respected and accepted in a healthy educational environment.


  • BC Graduation Program Grade 10 - 12

  • Advanced Placement Program

  • ELL Program

Required courses:

  • Career Life Education
  • Language Arts 10
  • Math 10
  • Social Studies 10
  • Science 10
  • Physical and Health Education 10
  • Language Arts 11

  • Science 11/12
  • English studies 12 or English First People 12
  • Arts and Applied Skill 10/11/12
  • Career Life Connections

AP courses:

  • AP Statistics, AP History, AP Microeconomics, AP Macroeconomics, AP Physics, AP Psychology, AP Calculus

Link to the academics webpage: https://columbiaacademy.ca/courses/graduation-program/

Founded: 2014

Location: Vancouver, Canada

  • Columbia Academy
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