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Darrow School

Darrow School

Darrow School


Address: 110 Darrow Rd, New Lebanon, NY 12.125, USA

Website: http://www.darrowschool.org/

School Details

Key Facts

From our early days, Darrow School has drawn students from around the world who want a traditional boarding school with remarkable diversity, a warm and welcoming community – and a contemporary approach to education.

Our student body today reflects an approach in which education works best when multiple viewpoints and perspectives are included. Every Darrow student, from America to China, Africa, Europe, and beyond, benefits from the intellectual and cultural points of view exemplified by our students. Approximately 25% of Darrow’s student body is made up of international students

ESOL Program

We offer a comprehensive, dynamic and supportive program for English language learners that includes both classroom experience as well as individual mentorship with faculty. 

Depending on a student’s level of English proficiency, different options are available, but all ESOL students are actively involved in their classrooms, regardless of their ability with the English language.

Entry Requirements

  • Application Form
  • Two Teacher Recommendations 
  • International Applicant Supplement. 
  • Student Essay
  • Parent Essay
  • Current School Transcript
  • TOEFL, TOEFL Jr, or SSAT Scores (for all students whose primary language is not English)
  • Campus Visit (for students who live within 300 miles of campus)
  • An Interview
  • Application Fee of $75

Tuition & Fees

2016 - 2017 SCHEDULE of FEES

  • Boarding Tuition   $2,000 - $56,100
  • Day Tuition             $2,000 - $32,300

English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)     $4,250 

Academic Mentorship Program, 1:1 Student-to-Teacher Ratio

  • 2 sessions per week        $4,250
  • 4 sessions per week        $8,500


Darrow School, an independent, co-ed, boarding and day school in New Lebanon, NY, offers a comprehensive college-preparatory curriculum within an atmosphere that supports the pursuit of intellectual curiosity, individual creativity, and the excitement of learning.


Darrow’s students engage subjects through discussion, experimentation, projects both in and outside the classroom, and by testing ideas through trial and error. Our core areas of study represent what we believe are the bedrock of education: English, the arts, history, world languages, math, and sciences.

For more information, please visit http://www.darrowschool.org/Academics/Course-Catalog

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  • Darrow School
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