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Fountain Valley School of Colorado

Fountain Valley School of Colorado


Address: 6155 Fountain Valley School Rd, Colorado Springs, CO, 80911, USA

Website: www.fvs.edu

School Details

Key Facts

Fountain Valley School attracts success-oriented students who thrive in the small class environment, and would like to live and learn in a community that is defined by opportunities and accomplishments.
At FVS students pursue challenges that hold promise and rewards well beyond a successful college career. The School’s academic, arts and athletic programs are greatly enhanced through experiential learning opportunities in the West. Such diverse learning opportunities are unique among the nation’s independent secondary schools.
For 80 years, a Fountain Valley education has been characterized by close interactions with a dedicated and accomplished faculty, and a community environment in which students make lasting friendships. The association with FVS community is a lifetime connection that is maintained and renewed because of the shared belief in the importance of the School’s mission.
LD types supported: mild learning differences
School accreditations: Association of Colorado Independent Schools
Sample of notable school alumni/alumnae:

  • Sam Goldwyn Jr. – Legendary motion picture producer
  • Tony Goldwyn – Actor, director, producer
  • Griffin Dunne – Actor, director, producer
  • Ed Sherin – Law & Order Producer
  • Jonathan Ormes – Former director of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center
  • Belding Scribner – Pioneer of kidney dialysis
  • Jack Lane – Arts visionary and museum director
  • Steve Lemme – Broken Lizard Comedy Troop (Super Troopers, Beerfest!)
  • John Perry Barlow – digital rights activist and lyricist for The Grateful Dead
  • Bob Weir – The Grateful Dead

Rankings & Accreditation

  • FVS is accredited by the Association of Colorado Independent Schools, whose accreditation standards are formally recognized by the State of Colorado’s Board of Education.

Student Population

  • Total: 241
  • International: 52
  • Vietnamese: 3 (2 from HCMC, 1 from Hanoi)

Entry Requirements

  • Day/Boarding: TOEFL Junior/SSAT – students must submit both tests, we do not post minimum scores.
  • ESL: Yes

Tuition & Fees

  • Tuition & Fees: $56,795
  • Living Expenses: $5,000 (allowance, fees, interim, travel)
  • Others (Health Insurance): $1,500 approximate
  • Total Cost (on I-20): $56,795

Scholarship & Financial Aid

  • Yes


Fountain Valley School of Colorado is dedicated to providing a rigorous college-preparatory curriculum in academics, athletics and the arts. Our community endeavors to foster a lifelong love of challenge and learning in an environment of diversity and mutual respect, and to prepare adolescents to become individuals who are open-minded, curious, courageous, self-reliant and compassionate.


School Suggestions
20,000 US$ - 30,000 US$
University of Illinois at Chicago
30,000 US$ - 40,000 US$
40,000 US$ - 50,000 US$
20,000 US$ - 30,000 US$
20,000 US$ - 30,000 US$