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Golden Hills School District

Golden Hills School District

Golden Hills School District


Address: 435 A Highway #1, Strathmore, AB T1P 1J4, Canada

Website: http://www.ghsd-international.com/

School Details

Key Facts

  • We have one of the smaller student/teacher ratios in the province of Alberta and the quality of Alberta education is ranked amongst the best in the world. 
  • Many of Golden Hills’ schools are amongst the best in Alberta and all are located in safe communities where walking to school or riding the school bus is safe, fun and promotes a healthy lifestyle for children.
  • We accept students from grade 4-12 throughout the year or until our seats are full.  For February and September intakes we strongly encourage students to submit their applications as soon as possible to guarantee a spot.
  • Golden Hills also provides flexible short term group programs with full integration into our schools throughout the year, a winter program consisting of ESL and cultural activities, and we accept short-term individual requests for students who wish to experience another culture and learn English.
  • Golden Hills is also the only public school division in Canada that offers dormitory residences for international students as well as homestay accommodation. 
  • To help students prepare for school at Golden Hills, we offer an Online Pre-Arrival learning program which includes information as to what to expect upon arrival in Canada, a brief orientation and English testing. There is also an online “PowerSchool” program allowing parents the ability to access their child’s progress and attendance.

Entry Requirements

  • With your completed application, please include:
  • A $200, non-refundable.
  • Attested transcripts of achievement for the past three years of school (we accept CEC certification of academic documents).
  • Signed FOIP (Freedom of Information Protection) Form.
  • Signed Waiver Form.
  • A Letter of Intent – stating why you wish to study in Canada and your long term academic goals (one page maximum).
  • One recent photograph of yourself and one family picture.
  • TOEFL, IELTS, MELAB, CAEL or any recognized English Proficiency results if completed.

Tuitions & Fees

Total Expenses for 1 Academic year (10 months): $43,930

  • Tuition: $11,150
  • Dormitory Accomodation: $10,100
  • Student Servies: $600
  • Insurance: $600
  • Registration Fees: $230


Golden Hills School District is located in Alberta, Canada. Alberta is known for its famous western Canadian hospitality. The caring community of Golden Hills School District, Alberta offers international students with exciting opportunities and adventures in learning. The schools have strong academic programs based on the Province of Alberta’s Program of Studies.


We offer a variety of learning atmospheres for international students in the  Elementary, Junior High and High School levels.

  • Elementary (Grades 1-6)
  • Junior High (Grades 7-9)
  • High School (Grades 10-12):
  • Pathways Program
  • ELITE Program
  • Global Leader Program
  • Short-Term Programs

For more details please visit http://www.ghsd-international.com/Programs.php

GHSD is located in close proximity to Calgary, a major Canadian City known for its thriving oil and gas industry, national sports teams, and for hosting the 1988 Winter Olympic Games. International Students will experience the best of both worlds with these small, quiet communities and will at the same time have convenient access to the amenities of this large, metropolitan city.

  • Golden Hills School District
  • Golden Hills School District
  • Golden Hills School District
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