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Grier School

Grier School

Grier School


Address: 2522 Grier School Rd, Birmingham, PA 16686, USA

Website: http://www.grier.org/page

School Details

Key Facts

  • Grier School recognizes the importance of a diverse student body and seeks to enroll students from around the world who will become emboldened, engaged, and poised for the future during their time at Grier. Each year, we have students from more than 15 countries who make up half of the student body. Grier has many resources on campus to support international students including a student transportation coordinator, on-site TOEFL testing, and ESL instruction. Additionally, Grier faculty members fluent in Mandarin Chinese, French, German, Korean, and Spanish are available to support students and answer their families’ questions.
  • Grier’s Signature Programs in dance, horseback riding, and the arts are the areas for which we are renowned and that distinguish Grier from other schools. At Grier, girls can pursue their passions and appreciate each other’s talents in a friendly and inclusive environment.
  • Our programs continue to grow and evolve as a reflection of student interest. That growth is reflected in the construction of new facilities on campus, which include the Performing Arts Center, two indoor and outdoor riding arenas, the Fine Arts and Vocal Music Building, and the brand-new Instrumental Music Building.
  • Total students: 258

Entry Requirements

To complete your application, please provide:

  • Two teacher recommendations                
  • Transcript(s) with current and previous two years of grades

Optional components may include the following. Contact the Admissions office with any questions.

  • SSAT
  • PSAT
  • Educational Evaluation (such as the WISC-IV)
  • Samples of artwork
  • Recordings of music or dance performances

Tuition & Fees

TUITION AND FEES 2017-2018: $52,900 / year


Grier School, a girls’ college-preparatory day and boarding school for students in grades 7-12, offers an individualized education in academics, dance, riding, music, the visual arts, theatre, and a great variety of recreational and team sports.


  • Advanced placement
  • English
  • Esl
  • History
  • Mathematics
  • Modern Languages
  • Science
  • Visual & Performing Arts

For more information please visit  This page

The Grier School was founded in 1853 by the local Presbyterian Church. At the time, the small village of Birmingham, location of the school, was a thriving commercial center for the region’s iron furnaces and mills. After running the school for only three years, the church sold the building and grounds to Lemuel Grier, an educator who had been working as a teacher in a school near Belleville, Pennsylvania.

  • Grier School
  • Grier School
  • Grier School
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20,000 US$ - 30,000 US$
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20,000 US$ - 30,000 US$