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Luther College High School

Luther College High School

Luther College High School


Address: 1500 Royal St. Regina SK, Canada S4T 5A5

Website: https://www.luthercollege.edu/high-school

School Details

Key Facts

  • Luther College High School is recognized as one of the best university preparatory schools in western Canada.

  • 2 Nobel Prize Winners graduated from Luther College High School

  • 5 alumni are Rhodes Scholars

  • 96% of Luther graduates pursue post-secondary education

  • More than 40 co-curricular activities and clubs

Ranking & Accreditation

Accredited by IB World Schools and Saskatchewan Ministry of Education

Entry Requirements

  • Student essay, English level of at least B2.
  • ESL: Yes, B2 minimum English level required.

Fees Per Annum

Tuition & Fees: 27,530 CAD

Living Expenses: 13,180 CAD (dormitories include meals, snacks, laundry, high-speed internet, network printer access and dorm activity fee)

Others (Health Insurance):

Health Insurance: Free (All Saskatchewan students get free health care)

ESL Support: Intermediate Level                   10,000 CAD

                        Advanced Level                      9,200 CAD

                        Higher Advanced Level            6,400 CAD

Total Cost: 40,710 – 59,910 CAD (Amount varies depending on English support needed)

Scholarships & Financial Aid

Availability: Yes (only available to returning students)

If Yes, provide range and requirements: Awards available to all retuning students: https://www.luthercollege.edu/high-school/academics/awards-scholarships/returning-graduating-awards

Student Population

Total: 450

International: 80

Vietnamese: 5

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Luther College High School is a boarding and day school located in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada offering grades 9-12.

Luther has built a great reputation since it was funded in 1913.  Luther College has an outstanding academic program and university preparation with at least 96 percent of graduates going on to post-secondary education, including institutions such as the University of Regina, University of Saskatchewan, University of Toronto, Dartmouth, John Hopkins, McGill, Harvard, Oxford, Yale, and Queen’s.

Our school population is approximately 420 students, with 13% of them from international locations such as Hong Kong, Nigeria, South Africa, Vietnam, Korea, India and China. We have an on-campus dormitory with space for 50 boys and 50 girls.

Students at Luther benefit from an exceptional high school education and overall experience. Our school cares not only about academics but also places an important emphasis on personal growth. Our school offers more than 40 co-curricular activities for students to explore their talents and interests.


Founded: 1913

Location: Regina, Saskatchewan, CANADA

  • Luther College High School
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