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South Hills Academy

South Hills Academy

South Hills Academy


Address: 1600 E. Francisquito Ave, West Covina, California, USA.

Website: http://www.shacademy.org

School Details

Key Facts

  • Near Universities:  UCLA, USC, Cal Tech University, Pomona College
  • School Type: Private Co-ed Day and Boarding School
  • Grades: Preschool (2ys – 4yrs) and K – 12th grade
  • International students: 10%
  • Average class size: 1:14
  • Semesters Start date: August 28th and January 29th


  • Good location and safe community
  • 10 AP Courses
  • STEM Program, promotes career readiness through a robust program
  • Strong ESL support for International students
  • Provides university preparatory courses, such as TOEFL and SAT
  • Individual learning plan guided by experienced academic counselor
  • Free after school activities
  • Provides full-care for all students
  • Total Students: 300

Entry Requirements

  • Application form
  • Transcript for the last three years
  • Passport or ID scan copy
  • TOEFL/IELTS score (only needed when applying for Grade 11, can be submitted before entrance to school.
  • Recommendation letter from English and Math Teachers (only needed when applying for Grade 11)
  • Personal Statement (only needed when applying for Grade 11)

Tuition & Fees

  • Grade 7-8: $35,000 / year
  • Grade 9-10: $39,000 / year
  • Grade 11-12: $41,000 / year


South Hills Academy is host to groups and individuals from other countries who seek to develop their English language skills and learn more about American Culture. Students are integrated into grade/age appropriate classes including individualized schedules.


  • General academic courses for K-12th grade: English, Math, History, Science, Spanish/Mandarin, STEM, Visual Arts, Graphic Design, Physical Education, HS Chemistry, HS Physics, HS Biology, Elective classes.
  • Honor Program
  • AP Courses
  • ESL Courses
  • Test Courses: High School TOEFL and SAT preparation
  • Summer Program (for grades 1-8, from June 26th – August 4th, minimum one week.
  • Summer School (for Grades 9-12; from June 26 – August 4th (6 weeks commitment)

  • South Hills Academy
  • South Hills Academy
  • South Hills Academy
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