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Vancouver School Board

Vancouver School Board

Vancouver School Board


Address: Various, see the list of schools below

Website: http://intered.vsb.bc.ca/

School Details

Key Facts

  • Vancouver schools welcome international students! Our schools offer high quality programs, dedicated teachers and excellent facilties. 
  • Class Sizes: 20-30 students
  • School Sizes: 400-2000 students
  • Student/Teacher Ratio: 20-30:1
  • Academic Year: September-June
  • College/University Admission Link: Students who successfully complete the requirements for Grade 12 graduation have the necessary qualifications to apply to post-secondary institutions.

Rankings & Accreditations

Recognition of Vancouver Education: credentials earned in the Vancouver school district are recognized worldwide.

List of Schools


Tuition & Fees

Application Fees

  • C$200 non-refundable
  • payable by credit card, cash, cheque or money order

Tuition Fees

  • C$15,000 per year (secondary and elementary)
  • payable by bank draft, certified cheque or telegraphic bank transfer only

Medical Insurance

  • all Vancouver School Board international students must join our group medical insurance plan, according to provincial regulations
  • C$1,100 per year
  • includes visits to doctor and hospital care
  • does not include dental care


  • International students may choose to participate in homestay with a local family while enrolled in a Vancouver public school: students experience Canadian culture, customs, expectations; safe, friendly host family program provided for over 20 years; orientation information session; custodianship available, if requested; support and supervision by homestay co-ordinator; airport pickup possible upon request.
  • Host families provide: welcoming, friendly environment; caring host parents; private bedroom; study area with window; three meals a day.
  • Homestay Fees: Registration and placement fee: $525; Host family fee: $900 per month; Custodian (if required) fee: $500; Airport pick-up fee: C$75 (payable in advance).

Other Fees

  • some textbook deposit fees will apply when the student registers at school; refundable upon return of textbooks in good condition;
  • elective courses may have some small materials fees, depending on the course


The Vancouver School Board (VSB) is a large, urban and multicultural school district providing programs to 55,500 students in kindergarten to Grade 12, and to over 3,000 adult students in adult education centres. The Vancouver School Board has 18 secondary schools and 91 elementary schools.


The VSB offers a great variety of educational programs to students in a number of elementary, secondary, and adult settings.  In addition, summer school is available to VSB students.

Elementary School – Kindergarten to grade 7.  This includes students from ages 5 to 12.  *Note:  It is Vancouver School Board policy that international students under the age of 13 must live with a parent or immediate family member.*

Secondary or High School – grades 8 to 12.   This includes students from ages 13 to 17.

Adult Education – upgrading and completion of grade ten to grade twelve graduation requirements.  Students in adult education are generally 18 years of age and older.  Often students attend adult schools when they still have a few courses to complete and are too old to take them in a secondary school.

  • Vancouver School Board
  • Vancouver School Board
School Suggestions
10,000 US$ - 20,000 US$
University of Ottawa
20,000 US$ - 30,000 US$
10,000 US$ - 20,000 US$
30,000 US$ - 40,000 US$
University of British Columbia
20,000 US$ - 30,000 US$