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Wasatch Academy

Wasatch Academy

Wasatch Academy


Address: 120 South 100 West, Mt Pleasant, UT 84647, USA

Website: http://wasatchacademy.org/

School Details

Key Facts

  • Founded: 1875
  • Grades Offered: 8th – 12th and Post Graduate
  • Accepts Standardized Application: Yes
  • SSAT/TOEFL Required: No
  • Male to Female Ratio: 60/40
  • Boarding Percentage: 80%
  • Day Student Population: 20%
  • International Students: 40% from 40 countries
  • Classroom Size: 10 – 15 students per class
  • College Acceptances: 100%
  • Number of AP Courses Offered: 17
  • Faculty With Advanced Degrees: 60%
  • Total Students: 350

Entry Requirements

We do not require the SSAT or TOEFL as a part of our application. We prefer to determine a students academic capacity based on previous academic performance, letters of recommendation, and the interview. If you have these test scores and would like to submit them we will be happy to include them in your application.

Tuition & Fees

  • Yearly international boarding students: $59,900
  • Yearly day students: $30,000

Scholarships & Financial Aids



An unparalleled, individualized teaching approach dominates our educational philosophy. At Wasatch Academy, teachers closely observe how your child learns and adjust their lessons and methods accordingly — not the other way around. Each of us learns differently, and all of our instructors are trained in educational philosophies and strategies that help students to reach their highest potential.


  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Social studies
  • Science
  • Foreign language
  • Fine arts
  • Technology
  • English as a second language (ESL)

For more information, please visit http://wasatchacademy.org/academics/curriculum/

During their time at Wasatch Academy, each and every student will broaden his or her horizon while gaining a global perspective. From living and learning alongside students from different cultures and traditions, our students grow through academic challenges, new social dynamics and diversely unique environments.

Not only do students learn to value the differences between cultures and embrace common bonds, they acquire an enviable readiness for the “flat world” that awaits them.

  • Wasatch Academy
  • Wasatch Academy
  • Wasatch Academy
School Suggestions
20,000 US$ - 30,000 US$
University of Illinois at Chicago
30,000 US$ - 40,000 US$
40,000 US$ - 50,000 US$
20,000 US$ - 30,000 US$
20,000 US$ - 30,000 US$