Consultation & Application Process – VNIS Education

VNIS Education provides overseas study abroad counseling services to students and parents who want to study in US, Canada, Australia, the UK and other countries.

Choosing VNIS Education means that you will be provided with the most up-to-date & accurate information about studying abroad, requirements & procedures for admission, as well as the necessary orientation (choosing a school, preparing documents, improving English skills, visa counseling, finding scholarships & financial aid, housing assistance and the necessary support upon arrival). Let’s find out more about our Consultation & Application Process of VNIS Education.


Step 1: Consultation Registration

Customers can register for our services via the following channels:

  1. Office walk-in (by appointment): You can come to our offices with a prior appointment  for a Consultation Session with one of our Education Consultants.
  2. Contact our hotline at +84 97 565 6406.
  3. Register online at: Contact Us. This is the preferred method, as it gives us more details about your case.
  4. Facebook Messenger:

Step 2: Education Consultants to ‘Happy Call’ Customers

Our selected Education Consultant will provide a ‘Happy Call’ or ‘Happy Email’ that answers your questions and provide brief information about the steps to study abroad via phone or channels such as Viber, iMessage, Email, and Facebook, etc. All information is kept confidential between the Customer and VNIS Education. A detailed study plan will be discussed upon signing the contract.

Step 3: Contract Signatory

Once both sides reached an agreement for the contract, we will draft the contract and have it sent to you for approval. You will be explained about all the terms and conditions in the contract. Payment will be required at this step, based on the agreed payment terms.

Step 4: Application & Document Processing

The process of receiving, processing & responding is quick & safe:

  • All transactions with customers are executed electronically, minimizing physical contact: The contract is prepared and sent by mail to the customer. Before sending the contract, the contract will be sprayed with anti-bacterial/anti-virus sanitizer.
  • Invoices and receipts are completely electronic. Customers receive our invoices, receipt to your registered email address with us (including the VAT e-invoice).
  • Service fee can be paid by wire transfer, or by international credit/debit card (you will receive payment instructions via your registered email address with us).
  • After signing the contract: you can send documents and contact VNIS Education via our Customer Portal (login information will be sent to you via your registered email address with us). You can upload files that we require, through the Customer Portal.
  • Customers receive documents (Letter of Admission, other documents, etc.) via the Customer Portal or your registered email address with us.

We hope that with this simplified, environment-friendly process and maximized customer care, your study abroad plan will achieve the best results as desired with VNIS Education.