Think about it for a moment. This essay is a chance to put your best foot forward, to plan out a brilliant introduction for yourself without the pressure of a face to face meeting, and you’re starting to write about what? Your fear of public speaking? This essay is far too common, first of all. And even if you were the first person ever to write about your insecurities, what about this will make you seem attractive to those reviewing your essay?


It may be difficult to come to terms with this fact, but your grades are probably not as impressive as you think they are, and the story behind them is not as interesting as you think it is. Whether you’re going for a master’s degree in social work in an online program or a BA in speech pathology, the story of your grades should not be the subject of your essay. The admissions board already has your transcript, don’t they? They know all about your grades. Don’t bore them by being redundant.


Write about something that has meaning to you, that has changed your life, or that has made you look at the world in a new way. Share who you are and what matters to you. The essay is a way to show the college admissions office who you are beyond the facts and numbers that describe your life. Be authentic and your essay will be great!